Our story

Our health journey started with a change in our diet and naturally spilled over into our home, personal care and even the way we approach parenting.  

In 2009 my husband and I switched over to a mostly paleo diet after hitting a wall when it came to athletic performance and overall health. We were tired, lethargic and couldn't break through some fitness goals all despite the fact that we were young, healthy and ate a 'healthy' diet. After lots of research (including this amazing podcast), we decided to cut out dairy, wheat and sugar... and we never looked back. Yes it was an adjustment, yes we did it slowly as opposed to jumping into a Whole30, but over time it has been the most crucial decision in our health journey. Over eight years later we have completed multiple Whole30 challenges, improved our athletic performance and most importantly our overall health. 


Because life is truly found in the little moments


Our passion for clean eating and nutrition organically led us to using essential oils for supporting our health, caring for our bodies, creating a chemical-free home, handling the bumps in the road, and especially caring for our family. What we put on our bodies, what we breathe in, what we use when our defenses go down... these things are just as important to our health as what we eat. I searched high and low for the best company around and cannot imagine our life without these amazing tools.

Since then we have made some changes to our lifestyle, some big and some small. These changes are allowing us to follow a different path... to get off the conveyor belt of life.  We are focusing on pursing simplicity, being fully present with our children and each other, doing daily life together and cultivating a place of warmth, light and love for our family. It is a journey we are still traveling, but it is such a beautiful one. Thank you for being a part of it.