DIY Thieves Hand Gel + Spray

With a little guy in tow at all times, I have hand sanitizer or wipes stashed everywhere -- diaper bag, car console, purse, changing table, husband's truck. And since I am on a journey to eliminate the harsh synthetic chemicals we are all exposed to (and save money at the same time!) I decided to make my own version using my favorite of the essential oil blends, Thieves.

Thieves is definitely one of my favorite and most used oils. It smells so wonderful and promotes overall health. Win win. We diffuse it regularly, put it in on cotton balls in our car vents, and drink a drop in our coffee or tea to support our immune systems. So, naturally I chose this oil to make my own hand purifier. This recipe is simple and quick to make -- this took less than five minutes and it used things I already had at home! Not  to mention that it smells so wonderful and leaves your hands feeling clean and silky smooth.

Option 1 // Gel Sanitizer
You will need:
5 T pure aloe vera gel
4 T water|
1/4 tsp vitamin E oil
9 drops of Thieves oil
A high-quality plastic squeeze container

Place aloe vera and vitamin E oil in a bowl and combine well. Add in the thieves essential oil and mix again, then add in water and mix to a smooth consistency. I added the water one tablespoon at a time, mixing in between. If you want a slightly thinner gel, add one extra tablespoon of water. Place into a plastic squeeze container -- I found the scoop, scrapr, tap method to work best (scoop some gel onto a spatula, scrape into the container, and tap the container lightly on the counter). Keep in your purse/back pack/car/diaper bag or wherever!


Option 2 // Spray Sanitizer
You will need:
Witch hazel (you can also use rubbing alcohol)
9 drops of Thieves oil
1 tsp aloe vera gel (optional)
Filtered water
4 ounce spray bottle

Fill your spray bottle about 1/3 full with witch hazel or rubbing alcohol, then add the thieves essential oil. If you're using the aloe vera, add it to the bottle, then fill with water and shake well. (The aloe vera just helps to keep the spray from drying out your hands.) I keep this one in my purse at all times  and use for shopping carts, high chairs, or anything else germy!

NOTE: You typically want to store essential oils or products made with EOs in glass containers; however, for products like this one, you can use plastic containers, just make sure to use high quality ones that are BPA free. 
Find more information on our favorite essential oils for the diaper bag here and general information about essential oils here.

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