Peace & Calming for Babes

Teething is in full swing over here. Elliot already has two teeth on the bottom and is working on two more up top. Needless to say, we've been experiencing some uncharacteristic melt downs from our usually happy and laid-back boy and some sleepless nights. In an effort to combat that and to help my sweet boy get some much needed rest, I've been using the Peace & Calming essential oil. I use it in one of the following ways every night:

1- Diffuse into the room during his bedtime feeding. This benefits the both of us since the sleepless nights are an added stress for mama as well!

2 - Dilute with coconut oil and rub on his feet.

I love having these oils to use for my family, and I am so grateful for the way they nourish and protect us. If you're interested in getting your own oils with a 24% discount, click here and for more general info, click here.