Happy New Year!

It is amazing to think that just like that another year is upon us.  2014 was a year of huge growth and new experiences, becoming a mama being at the very top of the list. It has been a difficult but oh so wonderful journey. Everyday we spend as parents is such a gift, and I look forward to all the moments that this new year will bring.

I also love the excitement that comes with the start of a new year - the planning and dreaming, the clean slate and possibilities. We met the new year with an early morning fire, a cup of coffee and a conversation of our hopes and goals for the year. We talked about parenting, our health, spiritual wellness, nutrition and our careers. We wrote our individual goals out, from the smallest daily change to the biggest year-long dream. Writing down goals key for me, and the tangible accountability helps keep me inspired and working towards achievement.


Here are some of the things that I will be focusing on in 2015:

+ Daily meditation (more on that soon!)

+ More water, less coffee. In fact, I am giving up coffee for a few weeks and drinking this amazing tea instead.

+ The 52 Project: a picture of my son once a week for the entire year

+ At least 10 minutes of mobility work and/or foam rolling at least five days of the week

+ Yoga once a week (or more!)

+ Start the year with a focus on health and wellness: I am doing a health challenge with my essential oil community to jump start our healthy year. We are focusing on whole foods, exercise and using oils to promote wellness starting Monday. Join us

+ Travel: anywhere and everywhere, whenever we can, as much as we can

+ Share my knowledge of holistic healing and essential oils as much as possible so that I can truly help people live a life of wellness and wholeness

My word for the year when it comes to health and wellness is THRIVE. We have been eating a whole-food nutrient dense diet for a long time now, so we live a life of health, but I want us to really thrive. To move beyond just being healthy and really experience all that this life and our beautifully created bodies have to offer.

Here's to a healthy, whole, happy new year filled with love, wellness and the ability to thrive.