Snippets of Home / Master Bedroom

Like the majority of first-time home owners, we have a laundry list of projects to complete to update our home. Some are large like putting in hardwood floors, and some are small like replacing the mantle, but sometimes it seems so overwhelming. We chose to focus on one room at a time, starting with our master bedroom. 

When we moved in, our bedroom was a yellow-beige color that was complemented by dingy green carpet and orange-stained trim. Oy. We have poured our time and effort into creating a space that we love, and it is honestly my favorite room in our home. We wanted a modern rustic feel that focused on simplicity and natural elements., and it feels so great to have a space that we really enjoy.

We started with pulling up the carpet and installing lovely wooden floors, then painted the walls and trim white, and updated the ceiling fan. We made a bench for the foot of the bed and found art and simple bedding that we love. Our furniture is mostly vintage or handmade, and I honestly love the lack of headboard and bed frame. We added a few plants and leave our simple window shades open the majority of the time since we love the large amount of natural light that pours through. 

The only remaining project for our bedroom is painting the doors, which I want to paint black, so the current project is convincing my sweet husband that it's a good idea. 

More snippets to come! We have some fun projects up our sleeves.