DIY Reed Diffuser

One of the things that makes our house feel like home is the smell. I love the mix of (homemade) scented candles, the fireplace logs, and soap from the shower that all combine to smell like home. Sometimes, though, the cloth diapers and dog bed can make things less than pleasant. Years ago I would have bought a scented wall plug and called it a day, but since I am passionate about creating a chemical-free home, I made my own reed diffusers! All week I have been loving how fresh and clean our bathrooms smell! I used essential oils and items that I already had around the house to create a non-toxic air fresher.

You will need:
A glass container (ideally with a small opening)
Bamboo skewers or reed diffuser sticks (from a craft store)
Essential oils
Rubbing alcohol or vodka

Mix together about 1/3 cup water and 1 T rubbing alcohol or vodka in glass container. Add 20+ drops of essential oil and mix to combine. Trim skewers or reeds to desired height. Place 6-10 reeds in the diffuser solution. Check weekly to rotate reeds and to see if more diffuser solution need to be added. Discard after 8-10 weeks.

I used vintage apothecary bottles because I have a deeply rooted love for them. As far as essential oils, I used purification + lemon in our bathroom, Christmas spirit in the guest bathroom, lavender + cedarwood in our bedroom. Any oil or combination will work wonderfully!

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