DIY Thieves Spray

Among my favorite products from Young Living are the products from the Thieves line - household cleaner, foaming hand soap, waterless hand purifier, and thieves spray. We use the spray on anything and everything - shopping carts, our phones, Elliot's toys and highchair, the steering wheel in the car. We also use it to clean fresh produce, wipe down cutting boards, and freshen up the couch cushions. The list is endless.  And while I will definitely continue buying the pre-made spray in my monthly order, I wanted to have the option to make it myself. The recipe is really simple and uses things that are already in your bathroom cabinet. 

You will need:
2 oz dark glass spray bottle (I buy the pack of 12 because we use these for so many of our DIYs)
1 tsp organic witch hazel
10-15 drops Young Living Thieves essential oil blend
A little less than 2oz distilled water (enough to fill the bottle)

Add 10-15 drops of thieves oil and witch hazel to your clean spray bottle. Pour in the distilled water until the bottle is almost full, then replace the spray top and shake well. Use liberally on anything and everything! I keep a bottle in my car or purse, one at the kitchen sink, and one in the diaper bag. We also love this spray for traveling and for camping!

To learn more about essential oils, click here. To purchase your own oils (including thieves oil!) at a 24% discount, click here.