DIY Thieves Foaming Hand Soap

One of my favorite things about Young Living is their line of supplements, personal care and home care products. All the products are completely natural and safe and are made with their amazing essential oils. The Thieves line of items have completely taken over our cleaning cabinet! We use the household cleaner for everything from counters. floors and bathrooms to refrigerator shelves, high chairs and computer keyboards. We have also switched out all of our hand soap for the Thieves foaming hand soap. We purchase the refills from Young Living, but I also love being able to make it myself. 

You will need:
Liquid castille soap (We like Dr. Bronner's Baby Mild)
A few drops of vitamin E oil (optional)
5 drops of Thieves oil
Filtered water
Foaming hand soap dispenser (we just reuse our old ones!)

Add 3T castille soap to your dispenser, then add the thieves oil and vitamin E oil, if using. (Vitamin E oil helps to make the soap more moisturizing and helps incorporate the essential oil into the soap.) Slowly fill the container with filtered water, then shake gently or stir well to incorporate. Press the pump a few times to get it started. Voila!

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