One word. One sentence. One year.

A few months ago I listened to this sermon series and really started to do some honest soul searching. Sometimes it is easy to ignore the darkest corners of our hearts, but I found that mine were hindering me from truly experience the joy of being a wife and mama. And while I am still growing, learning and sifting out the myriad of self-focused thoughts, I know that I want this year to be a year of love.

The author of this series challenges you to pray for one word that will define your year, then one sentence that will focus your goals and actions throughout the year. My word? LOVE. And inspired by these sweet women, my sentence...

The unyielding, sacrificial love of a wife and a mother writes the beautiful story of God's amazing grace. 

It's not easy being a mom, whether you stay at home, work from home or work outside the home. The challenges, the exhaustion, the sacrifice is always difficult. But it is beautiful. I think of my own mother and the things that she gave up in order to pour herself into me and my siblings, and I can only pray and hope to be able to give that much of myself for my husband and children. 

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It is a daily struggle, a daily dying to oneself for the benefit of those you love. A practice of letting go of control and accepting your life just as your Father in heaven gives it to you, one day at a time. But here's to a life defined by great love. Love that starts in our thoughts, then overflows into our actions, a love that seeps from our innermost beings to touch all those around us. A love that only our Creator can give.