Sunroom Inspiration

One of the selling points of our current home was the window-filled sunroom that the original owners added to the house. Two of the walls are comprised entirely of widows, and the third wall opens up into our almost window-less kitchen. We spend so much time in our sunroom during the fall and spring, leaving the windows open and taking as many family naps as possible. Since we have been lucky enough to receive endless hand-me-downs from siblings, the furniture in our sunroom is a bit mismatched. Add in the fact that it doubles as our office, and we have a somewhat strange conglomeration. The vision is a space that can pull double duty to be a light-filled and minimal office space as well as an open room for relaxing and playing. We want to keep our neutral color palate and bring in lots of natural elements, especially some hanging plants. Here are some of my inspirations:

I am on the lookout for the perfect rattan hanging chair. I also really love this DIY for a simple bench that would provide both storage (read: baby paraphernalia) and seating.

When it comes to the desk space, we want something simple with perhaps a pop of color. I am thinking a long white desk with either wooden sawhorse legs or turquoise filing cabinets. We will share a desk, so it will be extra long to account for both our computers and will most likely take up the majority of one wall.

When it comes to plants, I am thinking a vertical garden on part of the wall, but we would do something a bit more simple with lots of ferns and some succulents. 

I've got the spring cleaning and organizing bug. Can you tell? You can find all of these images (and more!) here.