Wear 01

The last time I can truly remember feeling confident in my wardrobe was over a year and a half ago. It was the summer of 2013, we had just returned from an amazing trip to the country of Panama, and I felt great. Then I became pregnant with Elliot, slowly transitioned to leggings and billowy tops, then pregnancy tanks and long cardigans. After he arrived I lived in sweats, loose tanks and nursing friendly tees with long cardigans. When I returned to work, I was somewhere in between my pregnancy clothes and my pre-pregnancy wardrobe, and now that things are evening out, I am realizing that my style has changed quite a  bit. Instead of sequined tops and mile high stilettos, I am drawn to neturals with interesting details, boots with a masculine twist, and anything with a free-spirited feeling.

Part of it is my inner minimalist, who is in constant turmoil with my inner love of pretty things. I mean, who wouldn't want a wardrobe like this? But I also love this series on building a minimalist wardrobe. I settled somewhere in between, taking some cues from the minimalist and some inspiration from the style icon.  Here are some of my favorite inspiration shots, all found here

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