Valentine's Day 2015

We had the best Valentine's Day this past weekend! Breakfast at home with heart-shaped biscuits and an afternoon outside.

 My thoughtful, encouraging husband had the idea to take a picnic lunch to our favorite state park and then take a long walk along the mountain bike trails. It was wonderful! We took our camp chairs and table and spread a blanket out on the pine straw. Elliot naturally wanted to crawl around in the pine straw and not stay on the blanket, so we just let him. He was in heaven! The sky was so blue, the sun was shining, and the air was cool and crisp. We ate our lunch and chatted and just soaked up a little vitamin D before hitting the trails for a long walk. 

It was such a great day. I honestly really enjoyed just being outside and being together. We left our phones in the car and just enjoyed nature and enjoyed each other. I've mentioned it before, but we are  focusing on being present, especially when it comes to spending time with Elliot and spending time as a family.