DIY All-Purpose Cleaner

I wanted to share my quick and super easy 'recipe' for an all purpose cleaner with some of my favorite essential oils, lemon and thieves. It is really important to me to keep harsh cleaners and chemicals out of our house, but even more so now that our little one is crawling around everywhere and eating directly off the counters. Lemon is naturally cleansing, and thieves is my go to for DIYs. Thieves is a combination of oils - clove, lemon, cinnamon bark, eucalyptus radiata, rosemary.

You will need:
A large glass spray bottle
1-2T liquid castille soap
Filtered water
15-20 drops essential oils (I used 10 drops lemon + 7 drops thieves)

Place soap and essential oils into your spray bottle and swirl to mix. Slowly add water to the top of the bottle and give it a shake! Use to spray counters, sinks, bathrooms, etc. I love using this to clean Elliot's high chair. Non-toxic and effective! You can also make this cleaner with just lemon or another essential oil that you like. I alternate between eucalyptus, citrus fresh, thieves + orange,  purification!

Other things we love for cleaning our home:
+ Thieves household cleaner (from Young Living): We keep a large glass spray bottle of this pre-diluted 30:1 for cleaning anything and everything from the highchair tray to the kitchen counters.
+ Purification oil: I like to place a drop of this on a cloth dish towel and put it in the refrigerator, place a drop inside the toilet paper and paper towel rolls, and place a drop on a tissue and put in the bottom of the garbage can.
+ Thieves, lemon, orange or citrus fresh oil: We add a drop or two of this to our liquid dish soap and store it in this lovely recycled glass soap dispenser.
+ Melaleuca (tea tree) oil: We place a drop of this one the diaper pail liners and in also in the wash with the diapers themselves!

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