Week Ending

You know those weeks where you feel like it's all go go go and rush around and late to bed, early to rise? Yeah, this was one of those. I am beyond grateful and excited for some down time this weekend. No alarm clocks, coffee on the porch, paleo waffles for breakfast, afternoon walks, soaking up some sunshine. This is what life is for, #amIright?

E and I are spending today tidying and cleaning and playing in the dirt. That kid. He's so fun these days! So smiley and silly and all he wants to do is be outside. We are having a tiny celebration for his birthday on Sunday, and I seriously can't wait to get all the babes together! Praying for nice weather and fellowship. We are keeping it low key with crockpot tacos, fresh salsa and guac, and gf cupcakes. We're excited!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend friends!

ashley cribbComment