Easter + Monday Musings

We spent Easter weekend surrounded with family and outside in the sunshine. It was such a gorgeous day to celebrate our risen Savior and the amazing gift that his sacrifice brought us. I truly love this holiday and look forward to teaching Elliot about its meaning as he gets older. This year he enjoyed our church service outside on the city square, with the blue sky, light breeze and plenty of family members to keep him occupied.

We had meals with both our families, and E was able to get in some good hang out time with his cousins. My mom always goes the extra mile to make things feel special. It's one of the traits I love most about her. She put together these festive spring hanging baskets and made a gorgeous (and delicious!) punch just because. Of course, we 'hunted' eggs with Elliot in my parents' backyard, and he was pretty excited about picking them up and putting them in his little basket. It was the cutest. 

My sweet sister gifted him some freeze-dried apples, pjs and an adorable romper, and my mama gave him a cute summer outfit. I love seeing how much my family adores him, and I love knowing that they will be a big part of his life. (Side note: Isn't my parents' backyard gorgeous? It's like a scene out of Southern Living magazine. I love spending time there!)

People often ask me if I enjoy living in/near the town where I grew up, and honestly I don't think about it much. We chose to stay because it is important to us that be we close to family. My husband and I have had a few really amazing career opportunities that would have brought us much more money and the ability to travel, but it came at the sacrifice of family and the freedom to enjoy spur of the moment Saturday breakfast together. So for us, the decision to allow those opportunities to pass was one that we never regret. We both want our parents, siblings, their children, our own aunts and uncles, and even old family friends to be a big part of our lives, and especially our son's life.