Spring Cleaning 01 / Floors

What is it about spring time that makes us want to declutter, organize and clean? I haven't quite figured it out yet, but it happens to me every year. Something about the newly emerging plants and beautiful, colorful flowers outside makes me want to freshen up an brighten everything inside, so I thought I'd share some of our favorite ways to tackle spring cleaning, naturally!

Our favorite product for cleaning our tile and wood floors is the thieves household cleaner. It's also great for laminate! We use it two different ways:

1. Quick cleaning and daily use:
We keep a pre-diluted glass spray bottle of cleaner (diluted 30:1) for daily use. Since our littlest makes quite a mess at mealtime, we use the diluted spray solution to quickly clean up messes. We just spray it directly onto the floor, then use a paper towel for spot cleaning or a dry Swiffer cloth for cleaning the entire floor, just spraying as we go! So convenient. 

2. Deep cleaning and weekly use:
We make the same diluted solution in a larger volume bucket for once weekly deep cleaning. We like to add a few drops of lemon, purification, citrus fresh or peppermint oil to the weekly cleaner for a little extra oomph. We use a traditional cloth mop and bucket, and just remove the mop head and wash in the washer when we are done!  We also use this same solution with the cloth mop for spring cleaning of the window sills, base boards, etc. We just clean those things when we are mopping our floors, and it takes just a few extra minutes. Again, super convenient, simple and non-toxic! Winning all around. 

If you don't have the thieves cleaner, you can also make a DIY floor cleaner with products already in your cabinet! I highly recommend getting the cleaner, but until then:

DIY Floor cleaner:
1/4 cup white vinegar
a bucket of water
a few drops of liquid castille soap (optional)
10 drops of lavender essential oil
Mix together in your mop bucket and clean away! If your floors are really grimy, add a couple drops of liquid soap. Safe for hardwood or linoleum. Other great oils for cleaning floors include lemon, spruce (think Pine-Sol), purification and melaleuca (tea tree). 

We also make a carpet freshener that we use once a week.

DIY Carpet Freshener:
1 cup baking soda 
18 drops of essential oil (I like lavender, thieves, purification, citrus fresh, or eucalyptus!)
Mix well and place in a covered container (I like mason jars) and let sit overnight to make sure the baking soda absorbs all the wonderful lavender oil. Sprinkle on carpets just before vacuuming. This is also great with lemon or peace & calming!

Since we vacuum almost daily (hello lovable dog and toddler rolling around of the floor at all times!), we also add a few drops of oil to a tissue and place it in the bag of the vacuum cleaner. I do this a lot with purification oil to rid our vacuum of the dog smell!

You can find links to the exact products such as castle soap, glass bottles, etc. that I use for DIYs here. Happy (chemical-free) cleaning! 

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