Mobility + Foam Rolling

One of the most important things when it comes to athletic performance is making sure that you take time for recovery and mobility. This is something that the dancer in me has to be intentional about, since it is something that I often take for granted. I am so used to stretching and flexibility being a part of my workout routine, that I often forget that it's needed now that I'm not at the ballet barre everyday. Since adding one more thing to your daily to-do list is basically impossible here are a few ways that we incorporate mobility into our workout routine:

+ Choose one area to focus on every night.
Start with rolling along your hamstrings and quads of each leg. The next evening move down to the calves and shins. Maybe you want to start with the thoracic spine. Just get started!

+ Foam roll every night while you are watching television, reading, or just having family time.
We get down on the floor and roll around with Elliot in the evenings. He loves it, and so do we!

+ If there is a specific issue you want to tackle or an area of serious immobility, check of some of these videos to find exercise specific to your needs. We especially like the scapular mobility and first rib exercises.   

+ Keep a lacrosse ball in your bathroom and roll out your feet, especially those arches, while you wash your face, brush your teeth, put on makeup, etc. 

+ Keep a lacrosse ball in your car or at your desk at work to focus on trigger points in your back while sitting in traffic or sitting at your desk. 

+ Stretch every night. We alternate doing this couch stretch and a few others, all of which you can find here. Kelly Starrett is my go-to when it comes to mobility. There are a lot of reasons, but I won't list them all here. Just check out some of his videos and you will understand why. 

We use both a standard foam roller and a trigger point roller. Other great tools to have include massage stick and a few lacrosse balls. These are especially great for targeting smaller trigger points and for working the muscles in the feet. If you are ready to move onto more in-depth exercises, we really love this book. Happy foam rolling friends!