Outdoor Dreaming

One of the things I love the most about our home is that every room has at least one plant. I get super giddy when we go into home improvement stores and always end up in the garden section. I just love the feeling of having a small piece of the outdoors that is living, breathing and thriving in our home. We skipped the spring planting fever last year since we had a newborn, so our days were filled with afternoon naps, neighborhood walks, midnight feedings, and the sweetest baby cuddles. So I a beyond excited about the prospect of spring planting, a huge vegetable garden, and sprucing up some of our outdoor spaces this year! Our style is a mix of rustic farmhouse with modern influence, and here are some of my inspirations:

One of the things I really want is a lovely, dedicated space for our hose since we use it every day for watering the back patio and for the garden. Thinking we can possible recreate this holder with some antlers and spray paint.

We have a large brick fireplace whose back is the center of our patio, so we are thinking of a vertical garden to utilize that space. I haven't decided if I want to use it for herbs or succulents, but I love the mix of colors and textures in this photo. I am thinking all greenery for the back porch with a mix of succulents, an assortment of ferns, and some ground covers like creeping jenny. 

Our front entryway needs some serious love after we mowed down all of the bushes that were obstructing the view of the house. I am dreaming of a hydrangea hedge, propagated from our  beautiful blue hydrangea. So gorgeous!

Another small project is sprucing up the chicken coop by adding a few window boxes. I'm thinking creeping jenny to trail along the front, sprinkled with dandelions and maybe hostas, since those are some of the girls' favorite treats. :)

And if we are dreaming a little bigger, I'd love to have a privacy screen at the end of our patio and a side entrance to the backyard with a garden gate.

All these and more, here. Happy Spring!