Yesterday on Instagram, some of my fellow Golden Droppers and I shared some images about how we use essential oils on a daily basis. Since I didn't want to overload Insta with too many words, I decided to share a little more in depth here for those who may be interested. 

I think that the lifestyle shift to using essential oils on a daily basis and replacing conventional products with DIYs can be incredibly overwhelming. In fact, the idea of making my own laundry detergent or deodorant was overwhelming to me until I actually tried it. And it is so easy! Very much the same way, we started using essential oils to promote a healthier lifestyle, and now they are such an integral part of our daily routine that it is second nature. Here's a peek at what a typical day looks like with oils and oily products.

+ Shower with satin mint facial scrub (so delightfully tingly and invigorating), copaiba vanilla shampoo + conditioner, DIY lavender body butter, geranium deodorant, thieves toothpaste, progessence plus on my neck.
+ While getting ready, I drink a large glass of water with lemon oil, sometimes warmed, and joy or orange + peppermint in the diffuser to help me wake up and start the day on a positive note.
+ Meditation and prayer with Oola balance + Oola Faith in the diffuser, vetiver or frankincense behind my ears.
+ Supplements: SuperC (vitamin C tablets), Multigreens, Ningxia Red
+ Peace & calming or white angelica behind my ears, wellness blend on the wrists and forearms, grounding or Oola balance in my diffuser necklace before heading out the door!

+ I keep the following in my bag at all times: diluted peppermint roller, diluted peace & calming or joy roller, stress away, lavender, endoflex, deep relief, thieves spray and hand purifier.
+ Thieves spray for shopping cards, cell phone, gas stations, etc. Diffusing a favorite oil in the car via cotton balls in the air vents. My current go-to is citrus fresh, but thieves, eucalyptus and orange are some of my other faves. 
+ LOTS of water with citrus oils: grapefruit, lime, tangerine, citrus fresh. Currently, my go-to combination is grapefruit + lime. Grapefruit is great for boosting metabolism, so I especially like to do that just before and after a workout. Also, La Croix + citrus fresh is an amazing combination, so refreshing and tastes like a treat! 

+ Diffuse citrus oils +/- peppermint or something more relaxing like peace and calming or Oola balance + Oola family.
+ Peppermint + rosemary is another favorite diffuser combination, and I really like this one for when I'm organizing and planning our meals for the week. 
+ Post-workout routine: quick 'facial' with tea tree oil (add a drop to a cotton ball and swipe across the face!), lavender body lotion or massage oil, water with grapefruit or other citrus oil.
+ Peace & calming or lavender bath for E, followed by a little massage with gentle baby oil, tender tush diaper rash cream if we need it. 

+ Dinner prep: diffuse thieves + lemon or other citrus oil or RC, sometimes we even add oils to our meals. Favorites include: lemon, oregano, thyme, basil, rosemary, cinnamon bark, ginger (great for stir fry!), marjoram, lime, tangerine. Citrus oils are great to add to dips and dressings.
+ Kitchen clean up with our DIY cleaner with lemon and thieves, clean the high chair and floor with thieves household cleaner. Maybe start a load of laundry with eucalyptus or purification oil. 
+ We like to diffuse calming and grounding oils such as peace & calming, balsam fir, Oola family, or frankincense + joy at the end of the day when we are all winding down.
+ About 20 minutes before bed: cedarwood and lavender in the diffuser. As we get into bed, rutavala on the bottom of our feet, and zzzzzzzz.

You can find the recipes for most of our DIYs here.

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