Whole30 MAY 2015 / Meal Plan Week 1

We are starting a Whole30 on May 1st and would love for you to join in! I'll be posting weekly meal plans complete with recipe links and printable shopping lists! Also, check in on the Facebook page for daily encouragement and positive vibes. Let's do this together! I promise you that the results are completely worth it.


Here is your meal plan for week 1 and the accompanying shopping list. I've actually extended this one out to day 10 because we prep all our meals on the weekends. This works best for us, but if it doesn't work for you find another day of the week to prepare your food. I promise you that this is an absolute game-changer when it comes to healthy eating. 

Here's a peek of what you have to look forward to with this month's meal plan:
+ One-dish meals that are delicious but simple
+ Easy prep work that keeps your fridge stocked with healthy food all week long
+ Simple customizations to suit your preferences and tastes
+ Budget-friendly shopping lists
+ Accessibly ingredients. This one is huge as far as I'm concerned because we don't have access to a Whole Foods where we can get complaint dressings, sauces and paleo kits at the drop of a hat. All we have are standard grocery stores and road side produce stands. And store managers that look at you like you're nuts when you ask if they carry ghee. ;)

Happy Whole30-ing!