A Trip to the Farm

My husband and I recently stumbled upon an amazing local farm where we can purchase raw milk and cream (for pet consumption....), raw cheese, organic free range eggs, chicken, beef and pork, local honey, supplies for homemade bone broth, even homemade soaps! It's not super close to our home, but we try to go by whenever we are out that way visiting family. 

The farm is filled with cattle, goats, chickens and even a chicken dog! Elliot loves watching all the animals roam about. We love the ability to support a local family while getting access to fresh, humanely processed, sustainable meats. The raw cream is amazing in coffee. We even used it to make an iced coffee, which was a wonderful weekend treat! It would also be a great addition to soups or sauces with some of our favorite essential oils for cooking: oregano, thyme, Taste of Italy.

Finding local farms is the absolute best way to buy your meat since you have access to the actual farmer, know the living conditions and processing standards. It may be pricier than the 0.99/lb chicken in the grocery store, but your health is worth it! So is supporting your local economy and farmers. We buy high quality meats and organic produce without breaking the bank. See more about that here