DIY Lavender + Eucalyptus Linen Spray

The warmer weather is officially upon us, which means spring planting, dinner al fresco, and long walks after work. We spent the vast majority of the weekend sprucing up outside, but we also did a little spring organizing inside as well. One of our projects was storing our winter bedding, flannel sheets and oversized comforters. We pulled out our favorite organic cotton sheets and sprayed them down with our lavender + eucalyptus linen spray before putting them on the bed. We also placed a cloth with a few drops of lavender oil into the drawer with the flannel set to keep them fresh until we need them again.

You will need:
A 4oz glass spray bottle
1 tsp alcohol-free witch hazel
Filtered water
25-35 drops YL essential oils

Place witch hazel in the glass spray  bottle and fill almost to the top with filtered water. Leave enough room to add the essential oils and the spray top. Add in 25-30 drops of essential oils. I used 20 drops lavender and 15 drops eucalyptus radiata for our blend. Place the spray top on and shake well to combine, then spray liberally onto sheets, blankets, upholstered chairs, couches, etc!

Other oils that would be great: lemon, orange, citrus fresh, cedar wood + lavender, geranium + lavender, bergamot, rosemary, purification. 

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