Friday Favorite // Oils + Babes

One of the main reasons that I started using essential oils was that I wanted to have natural alternatives for all of the things that come with little ones. I wanted to be able to control my son's exposure to harsh chemicals in the products that we use - diaper cream, bug repellant, household cleaners, etc. There is a list of our DIY recipes here, but I wanted to share some of my other oily favorites for littles, from newborns to kids!

+ Lavender: truly the swiss army knife of oils, we use this for just about everything - skin support, respiratory support, relaxing + unwinding, the list is endless! I use it in our linen spray, diaper rash ointment and wipe solution.
+ The Young Living Kid Scents collection: Sleepyize, Owie (we use a lot of this lately!), Snifflease, Bite Buster, and TummyGize.
+ Copaiba: a must-have for the early years!
+ RC: a must-have for the winter months, this blend stands for "Respiratory Congestion."
+ Purification: a main ingredient in our repellent, we also use this for respiratory support in the winter, and for a DIY room spray (love it on the dog bed!). This is a great alternative to those wall plug-ins that are unfortunately laced with formaldehyde. Our diffuser is constantly running, and this oil is our go-to.


Other Young Living products:
+ KidScents Tender Tush: amazing ointment infused with essential oils that is great for skin support.
+ Rose ointment: another great one for skin support, we use this for making diaper cream, after-sun cream, etc.
+ Thieves spray + Waterless Hand Purifier: for being out and about and for all the things that get dropped on dirty floors.
+ Bamboo Diffuser: we splurged a little and got a second diffuser to keep in E's room, and it was absolutely worth it! This diffuser has a one or four hour setting, so I love putting just a few drops of oil in it and turning it on during nap time or before bed. 

Other oil-related items:
+ Gentle Babies: my go-to reference for all things pregnancy, baby and child!
+ A cute travel case for taking oils in the diaper bag.
+ Paracord bracelets work great as diffusers for older kiddos!

And lastly, a completely superfluous item but one that has come in handy so many times, a diffuser paci clip, especially for long car rides and traveling!

More information on essential oils here and here