Life: Unfiltered / Long Weekend

My little family took advantage of the long weekend to spend some quality time together in the mountains, and it was so refreshing.  It was simple, unfiltered, uncurated, and full of so many great moments. We spend lazy days wandering around in the warm, green woods, splashing in the cold river water, reading and dozing on the porch swing, and exploring all the tiny rocks, sticks and leaves in our path.. E was in heaven. He walked around the front porch for an hour, was easily occupied with any and every little thing on the ground, and surprisingly, loved splashing in the cold river. He was so excited he decided not to nap, which left me slightly harried, but it was a good lesson in parental adaptation, and the afternoon wore on with only a slight change of plans, and added pre-dinner stroll and an early bedtime. 

Husband and I spent the evening and mornings reading, chatting, planning and dreaming. We made some decisions and put things in motion to truly be able to achieve our dream. It feels good. I'm excited and optimistic.

As much as I love this internet community, sometimes I need to just step away and be surrounded with just my people, my boys. I feel like lately there has been a lot of pain, a lot of heavy surrounding me, and my heart truly breaks when I see the pain and loss of another. I carry that weight too much sometimes, so this weekend was a gentle reminder of my purpose. To extend the sacrificial, unending love of Christ to my husband, my son, and everyone I encounter. My attempt will be imperfect, yet His love is perfect. It is all we ever truly need. 

I am so incredibly grateful for this beautiful family of mine.