In the Bag

I love having a peek into the lives of other people... what they keep in their fridge, what their pantry looks like, what they keep in their bags... those tiny details and nuances that make their world spin. Sometimes it's a camera or a pencil and paper. Sometimes it's a book or magazine or a favorite lip balm. I find it interesting to know what items people can and can't live without, what things they take with them wherever they go. So here's a peek into my life, the things currently residing in my day to day tote.

+ The standard things: a kelley green wallet, my iPhone, car key, weekly planner, sunnies.

+ As much as I love real books, I keep my Kindle loaded with some of my current favorites. (And the case for those interested)

+ My favorite vannila-mint lip balm + a turquoise hair tie.

+ A lovely turquoise moleskine journal from my husband + a pen for writing all the lists, ideas and dreams.

+ Oily info + oil samples for sharing with friends.

+ Thieves spray and waterless hand purifier for all the public things... shopping carts, gas stations, child seats, door handles, things that fall on dirty floors (which is everything with a toddler!). Also, DIY foaming hand soap to go so we don't have to use the terrible-smelling chemical-laden stuff in public restrooms.

+ Oils (naturally) + a gorgeous case gifted from a now dear-to-me-friend*:
- Stress away roller for braving the grocery store with a toddler. It's also my summer perfume because hello lime + vanilla.
- Sunshine roller blend because, hello happy. Another great summer perfume.
- Diluted peppermint for tension, digestive support, icy cool relief!
- Seasonal trio + Breathe again rollers
- Owie for little man 
- Lavender aka my swiss army knife for everything

*I am constantly amazed by the incredible friendships that I have built through this oils community and the ways that the Lord has blessed me through those relationships. There are so many strong, intelligent, inspiring women that I now call friends that I would never have met otherwise. This community is such a blessing in my life and one of the reasons I am so passionate about sharing oils and helping people start this journey.