If you follow along on Instagram, you've seen me post a couple things about bulletproof coffee, one of my go-to breakfast options for super early mornings or a post-workout companion to an egg + veggie scramble. Bulletproof coffee is nothing new to the primal health scene, but this delicious concoction is also gaining popularity in traditional circles. 

I typically reserve bulletproof coffee for super early mornings (5 am!) when I just can't stomach a full on meal or for a post-workout breakfast to increase my healthy fat consumption. For example, Saturday morning we did a 10-minute AMRAP of burpees, box jumps + sprints before breakfast. So our post-workout fuel was a bulletproof mint mocha (shared, so about 6 oz each person), zucchini + egg scramble, strawberries, and chicken sausage. If I have bulletproof on an early work morning, I typically have a few carrots + almond butter around 10am.

Bulletproof coffee for beginners:
12oz freshly brewed organic coffee 
1 T grass-fed butter
1 T coconut oil
Optional: 1 drop essential oil (I like lavender, orange or peppermint)

Place coffee in a blender and add remaining ingredients. Place a bowl over the top of the blender, and blend on medium speed until ingredients are combined and coffee is frothy. Pour into a mug and enjoy!

Here are a few things to keep in mind when considering adding a cup of bulletproof coffee to your morning:

+ This is meant as a meal replacement, as the healthy fat from grass-fed butter and coconut oil will help keep you full. However, take into consideration that if you typically eat eggs and vegetables for breakfast as I do, bulletproof coffee will not provide a source of protein or fiber. So remember to add in a healthy mid-morning snack, increase your vegetable intake throughout the day, or pair a smaller mug of bulletproof coffee with a small egg scramble. 

+ The idea for bulletproof coffee is largely centered around a low-carb ketogenic diet. I don't want to get too into that concept here, but basically you can train your body to preferentially utilize fat as an energy source instead of carbohydrates (aka glucose). So the fat found in grass-fed butter and coconut oil (or MCT oil) that are included in bulletproof coffee would provide a considerable amount of fuel, keeping you full and maintaining energy levels. However, if you are not 'fat-adapted' or following a low-carb paleo or keotgenic diet, bulletproof coffee will have slightly different effects for you. Not to say it's not beneficial, just be mindful of all the other things that you put into your body. It's no secret that I'm in the low-carb paleo/primal camp, but  just for the record a diet that is simultaneously high fat and high carb is a recipe for disaster.