Summer Hair Serum with Geranium

One of the disadvantages to natural curls is the insane amount of frizz that can occur during hot or dry months. To combat that I use my beloved Young Living copaiba vanilla shampoo, a mix of essential oils, and a coconut oil spray. I mentioned before about using coconut oil as a hair mask before shampooing during the winter, but I wanted to share an updated summer version as well! 

Geranium Summer Hair Oil:
1T fractionated coconut oil (or jojoba oil)
3 drops geranium essential oil
2 drops lavender essential oil
Distilled water
8oz spray bottle

Place coconut oil and essential oils into a spray bottle, then top with distilled water. Spray onto damp or dry hair as needed! Other oils that would be great: rosemary, cedarwood, Roman chamomile, clary sage. You could even add about 1tsp sea salt to this for a delicious beach waves spray!