Oily Tips + Tricks / Lemon Oil

Confession: I have a slight tendency to over-collect glass bottles and jars. It is partially due to the fact that we make all of our personal care products with essential oils and said oils need to be stored in glass containers. But it is also due to the fact that I can't help but repurpose the things, especially when the repurposing keeps us from having to purchase another item. I've been known to collect coconut oil jars baby food containers, rescue old beakers and graduates from yard sales, and even dig up old bottles in our backyard (true story). And while they all take an overnight soak in castille soap + water, more often than not, these repurpos-able items need a little more attention. Which brings me to my point:  the glory of lemon essential oil. 

After cleaning with soap and water, I rub the jars down with lemon oil to remove any lingering grime and also to get rid of the sticky resident that labels leave behind. Win win. Add an extra win for repurposing, and you've made my day. 

So here's to filling old bottles with magic potions, resourceful salves, fresh herbs and even a pretty flower or two.