Lavender + Rosemary Dry Shampoo

One of my favorite beauty products (and one I wanted a natural alternative for) is dry shampoo. My hair does best when I wash it once or twice a week, but I find that since having a little one, my roots get somewhat oily after a day or two. Plus, dry shampoo makes my morning routine all the much quicker. Those of you with long hair know what I mean ;) Sadly, the store bought options have a long list of ingredients I can barely pronounce, so here is the recipe for making your own.

For light hair:
1/4 cup arrowroot powder
3 drops lavender essential oil
3 drops rosemary essential oil

For darker hair:
2T arrowroot powder
2T raw cocoa powder
3 drops lavender essential oil
3 drops rosemary essential oil

Add powders to a food processor and pulse to incorporate. Add essential oils and gently pulse again. You may have to play with the amount of cocoa powder that you add in order to get a shade that is perfect for you. I have a mix of blondes and light brown in my hair, so just 1tsp of cocoa powder was enough for me. I suggest adding the cocoa powder 1tsp or 1T at a time and test it to your root color, adding more if you need. If your mixture becomes too dark, add a little more arrowroot powder to lighten it.  Store your mixture in a glass jar (I like mason jars). When ready to use, apply the powder to the roots of your hair using a makeup brush. And enjoy the calming yet uplifting aroma of the lavender and rosemary as you go throughout your day!

Other oils that would be great if lavender + rosemary isn't your thing: rosemary + peppermint, lavender + peppermint, lavender + copaiba, grapefruit + bergamot, bergamot + patchouli. You can find other ways we use essential oils here and check out a getting started guide here.

Because I love our oils and other Young Living products so much, and because I want everyone to have a chemical-free home, I'm giving away a bottle of rosemary oil to all new members this month! It's a great oil to have on hand during the winter months (we diffuse it a lot!), for making this dry shampoo, for making detox bath salts, for adding to finishing salts for grilled meat, even for making salad dressings! Just create your membership with a premium starter kit, and I'll send you a bottle of rosemary and some other goodies! If you aren't ready to take the plunge with oils but are wanting a chemical-free home, I recommend the Thieves Premium kit which has Thieves oil, household cleaner (favorite!), hand soap, waterless hand purifier, spray, toothpaste and mouthwash as well as some other things. Email me to let me know you're getting started, so I can send over your rosemary! xo