Kitchen Gadgets

When it comes to kitchen real estate, we land on the side of minimal, yet practical, and keep our gadgets to a minimum. That being said, there are a handful of things that make life easier, especially when you prepare 95% of your meals at home. Here are a few of my must-haves when it comes to the kitchen. 

+ A really good cast iron dutch oven. We used to have a Martha Steward one, but after it chipped and I had a really terrible customer service experience at Macys, I just can't recommend it. This Lodge Dutch Oven was our replacement and is a much better option.

+ A stainless steel julienne peeler. You can get much fancier and purchase and actual spiral slicer, but I prefer the simplicity of a peeler. Plus, it fits into the utensil drawer and doesn't take up precious cabinet space.

+ A stand mixer . I wasnt' sure we would use this when we transitioned to a paleo diet, but it is the simplest way to make mashed parsnips, cauliflower or potatoes. Plus we use it to make muffins and occasionally break out the ice cream attachment for some coconut milk ice cream.

+ A good french press and accompanying coffee grinder. After our trip to Panama and the opportunity to really taste coffee, we changed our routine a bit. It makes all the difference!