For Him: Natural Cologne

There are certain scents and oils that I gravitate towards because they remind me of my husband. Most of them are woodsy like cedarwood and vetiver, and they remind of being on top of a mountain or out in the woods with my man - a place where we both feel connected to our Creator and to each other. We diffuse these oils a lot in the evenings, and I love how our home smells of the memories we have together. So we decided to make a woodsy oil blend for my husband to wear daily and ditch all of the conventional, chemical-laden colognes. I'm pleased to say that the final product smells so much better than anything store-bought and he gets the added benefit of the aromatherapy from the oils themselves. 

Woodsman Cologne:
13 drops Idaho balsam fir essential oil
10 drops Northern Lights black spruce essential oil
8 drops Idaho blue spruce essential oil
5 drops bergamot essential oil

Add essential oils to a 10 or 15mL roller bottle, then top with a carrier oil. (We like fractionated coconut oil.) Apply to wrists and neck daily as desired. You can also adjust the amount of oils to your liking!

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