Young Living Convention Recap

Last weekend I spent about five days in Texas with my oily family for the Young Living annual convention, and it was such a blast! The days were jam packed with so many great speakers, inspiring leaders, fun new products and lots of self-development. I heard more about growing in your faith and personal development that I did about oils. A fact that I think speaks so highly of this company and their commitment to their members and the health and wellness of us all in all areas - physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I also learned so much about the ways in which Young Living gives back to those in need and have since decided to regularly contribute to the Young Living Foundation. The events were a perfect mix of serious, inspiring and fun, and I truly enjoyed just being with my people and meeting new friends. 

<< We kicked off the festivities with an oily cocktail party! Ningxia Red + passion fruit La Croix + grapefruit oil. New favorite! >>

<< My Golden Girls! We got our fancy on for an awards night! >>

<< We got our neon on for a fun run in support of the Young Living Foundation, which is changing live across the planet. I am so honored to be a part of blessing those in need in such big ways. >> 

<< The sessions and workshops were filled with amazing and inspiring speakers including Kyle Maynard, Jon Acuff, and Gary Young himself. Gary talked about the history of the company, showing old photographs from the very first fields he ever planted. To see his dedication, hard work and diligence become his vision was amazing. When I tell you that he built a new distillery in Canada last year, I mean he literally excavated the land, planted the crops, and physically built the distillery himself. What company do you know whose founder is that hands on? It spoke volumes to me. In between the sessions, we mingled, took photos with friends, mentors, and inspiring members and hung out at Club Red - a Ningxia Red bar! My favorite was 'Tingly Lips' which included citrus oils, frankincense and topped with cinnamon bark oil. Now I'll never be able to drink my Ningxia plain again! >>

<< One of the best parts of the trip was meeting and spending time with my people. The amount of love, prayer, encouragement and support from these women (and a few men!) is just overwhelming. The Lord is moving in so many big, amazing ways, and I am so blessed to be doing life with these people! Some of the ladies I was blessed to spend time with include Casey, Kristen, Lesley, Katie, Eryn, Erin, Rebecca, Erin M, and Kristina. >>

I can't wait to go back in June of 2016. Already planning a trip, with my husband along side!