Fall + Winter Capsule

I mentioned it before, but one area that I have been working to minimize is my closet. It's easy for me to organize, donate or sell things in other areas of our home, especially furniture, but the closet? That was a different story. So far I've sent two huge bags to ThreadUP and donated quite a bit to a local charity, and now I'm beginning the process of cultivating my wardrobe to be minimal and practical, yet still maintain my sense of style.

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I'm allowing myself to purchase a few things for the upcoming season because that's what works for me. And because I have a birthday coming up. Maybe that doesn't work for you, and that's ok! The beauty of this is that you can make your own rules. I will say that shopping within limits of price and time frame has really made me more selective about the money I am spending. And after a certain date, no more shopping until the next season. More details about the 'rules' here. So I've decided on a faux leather jacket (not taking the plunge until I know it is a piece worth investing in), high rise black skinnies, an oversized sweater. Enter a few well placed coupons + birthday prizes and I was able to snag all of these under budget. 

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I've also noticed that I am pinning images that I can recreate with the items in my closet or those on my shopping list. Or images with similar color stories or patterns to what I already have. Interesting, right? My fall + winter capsule will be pretty monochromatic with a few well-placed scarves, lots of layers + simple outfits. It feels good to get rid of so much and leave behind only the things that are truly functional and loved.