Finding Freedom

Things have been quiet in these parts lately for a few reasons, but I've finally found my voice about something that's been stirring for the last couple years - FREEDOM. Becoming a mama changed my heart in a lot of ways, one of them being that I realized how much I crave freedom. I want to be at home with my littles, feeding them lunch and teaching them about snails on a Tuesday afternoon. I want to travel with them to see the Civil War battlegrounds and national parks as we learn about United States history. I want the freedom to build a small homestead and grow our own vegetables. 

Our reality is good, don't get me wrong. But our dream is vastly different than our reality. So we are taking some steps to change that. One of the biggest things we did was sell my car. We had a car payment on a pretty nice car, so we sold that car and purchased an older one. Less bells and whistles, less comfort but you know what? It's reliable AND it's paid for. And there's an extra few hundred dollars that can go towards paying off student loans, which is the first step towards freedom. 

I don't talk about it much, but Young Living is what is really paving the way to our freedom. Essential oils are so near to my heart and have changed our life in such an amazing way, that being able to share that passion as a career just makes my heart sing. I am so blessed to lead a group of women and men that love each other and are committed to a natural lifestyle. I get to share information, lead online classes, contribute to e-magazines, talk one on one with people, and bring natural health in the spotlight to help people live health lives. There is so much beauty in that. And so much freedom. And I'd love to help you find that freedom too.