St. Augustine, Florida

One of the things on our list this summer was a beach trip. It's been four years since we took a family vacation... and four years ago it was just me and the husband. We've been on camping trips and adventures, I've taken a girl's trip to the beach with my mom, sis and her kids, and we went on a family beach trip when E was a few months old, but we haven't taken a trip just us three since before Elliot was born. It was important to us to spend a few days together just us three, enjoying the sand and sun together. So we searched and searched until we found a place in our price range, and you guys it was the perfect place! 

We found the place on VRBO, which we love. It was on the south side of St. Augustine, which was great since it was mostly homes and smaller condos. Our place was on the ground floor with a pool just steps away and the boardwalk just past that! It was the perfect set up for us. We loved the king sized bed (family slumber parties!) and watching cable (ummm Fixer Upper marathon anyone?) during our down time. We spent all our time between the condo, pool and beach, so having a nice, comfortable place was important. Elliot had so much fun playing in the waves, digging in the sand and chasing the birds. Naturally, he loved the pool and wanted to spend most of his time there, ha! 

I was a little bummed that we didn't get to explore the old downtown area, but we will make it back with some family next time so we can sneak away!