DIY Chicken Coop Shelf

I'm the first to admit that I'm not a great DIY-er when it comes to big house projects. I prefer to leave that to the professionals so I know it will be done correctly. But when it comes to smaller things, we will roll up our sleeves, get out the tools and go to work. We've made a farm table for our dining room, raised beds for our organic garden, a couple hairpin leg benches and, possibly my favorite project, a chicken coop display shelf. (Insert heart eyed emoji!)

I love to find unique pieces at antique stores, thrift stores and even barn sales, so when I saw this beat up old coop outside of an auction, I knew it was going to live on our wall. We took it home and cleaned it up with some soap and water, but didn't do much with it in the way of decorating for over four years. (The coop was actually one of the first pieces I bout for our house!!) When we finally took the time to finish the project, we simply sawed off the perches and cut wooden shelves to fit each nesting box. My husband hammered the shelves in with a rubber mallet, then we attached a thick piece of wire to the back for hanging. We have it hanging on two large nails in studs in our dining room because of the weight and have never had any problems! I recently added a 'Pharmacie' sign above it that my sister gifted me for Christmas. 

I use the coop as storage for my oils since my office nook is in our dining room, and it's accessible with the flow of our daily life. (Having your oils out somewhere visible will ensure that you use them!) As we continue our dining room update I will probably mix in some other elements like our glasses for entertaining, a mix of modern and vintage vases (love these, these, and this) and other fun elements. Next up is a new light fixture and maybe some hardwood floors!!!