Celebrating Easter

When we became parents we said we wouldn't get involved with things like Valentines or Easter baskets. We said that lunch with our families and any little prizes from them would be enough. And while that is definitely true and our son doesn't need for anything, I can't help but get pulled into his excitement over the littlest things. Seeing him enjoy the little things in life makes our hearts soar, so we've landed at an in between place of celebrating in small ways. We like to mix in books with art supplies and a few little treats, sometimes even "tickets" to an event like a camping trip. Here are some of our ideas for a healthy + fun Easter basket! 


To play:
+ A watering can, garden tools & a few packs of seeds (my son LOVES helping us out in the garden!)
+ Eco Dough and play tools
Eco Paints with a pad and fun paint brushes
+ Melissa & Doug Clay Set w/ Stamps
+ Nontoxic Sidewalk Chalk (always a hit!)
+ Melissa & Doug Water Wow (also great for travel!)
+ Melissa & Doug Reusable Sticker Pad
+ Lego Duplo sets (We sometimes even find these at consignment sales!)

To read:
+ Duck & Goose
Ada Twist, Scientist
Iggy Peck, Architect (Our current favorite. Thanks Jodi!)

To wear:
+ New pajamas (Anyone else's kids get super excited about pjs?? Just mine?)
+ New kicks. It never fails that E needs new shoes this time of year and he loves Chucks!

To eat:
+ Coconut butter cups (SO much better than Reese's!)
+ Go Raw's Choco Cruch Sprouted Cookies
+ The GFB Gluten Free Bites - we love the chocolate coconut and the peanut butter

To do:
+ Homemade "vouchers" for things like camping trips, Daddy + Elliot canoe trips, fishing trips, hiking trips, lunch dates, anything that E likes to do. He loves being able to come cash them in! 

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