Friday Favorites: Simple Swaps for a Green Home


Simplifying our cleaning products and routine can feel like an overwhelming task, so here are a few simple swaps that you can make today to ditch and switch!


+ Wool dryer balls:
I used to be a devout dryer sheet gal! I love for our clothes and sheets to smell good, but I found a better way! You can ditch the toxic dryer sheets and switch to sustainably sourced wool dryer balls + essential oils for scent! This is a super simple and inexpensive switch that will impact your health and the plant and make your laundry smell so good! We love peppermint or eucalyptus oil for adding yummy smells!

+ Foaming hand soap (DIY or DI-Buy) and glass dispensers:
Instead of purchasing single use hand soaps, opt for a reusable container and either make your own or use our favorite foaming hand soap (gentle on the skin yet kills all the ick!).


+ One all-purpose plant-based house cleaner:
Our favorite cleaner is the Thieves cleaner! Because it cleans our ENTIRE home, it has replaced all the cleaners we used to have under the sink. Simplicity at its best! Thieves cleaner is safe for pets and little ones and is super cost effective - one capful makes a 16oz glass spray bottle. We use it in in a lot of simple DIYs - stain stick, stain pretreatment, mattress and upholstery spray, sink and tile scrub (find all of them here!). I like to keep a spray bottle made up in the kitchen and one in the bathroom so that even the five year old can clean up after himself!


Grab an essential oil diffuser and our favorite essential oils to make your entire home smell like Anthropologie without the toxins from candles (EPA now says candle fumes are the new second hand smoke, so crazy!) I used to love scented candles and would wait anxiously for my favorites to go on sale each year. Now we diffuse some of our favorite blends, our home smells so good, and I can even leave the diffuser going when we’re gone and come home to a clean, purified and amazing smelling home!