Natural Options for Baby Bums


When I was pregnant with our first son I distinctly remember being paralyzed by the diapering choices in front of me. Who knew there were so many options when it came to covering a tiny bum? I wanted something earth-friendly and safe for such tender skin and decided on cloth diapering. We ended up using disposables for our caregiver, so going back to diapering with our second son we knew we wanted to use cloth diapers again!

I’ve tried quite a few brands of cloth diapers and wanted to share my experience and favorites with you!!

Cloth Diaper Favorites

  • Lilly & Frank: These are hands down our favorite! They are hand made by a small group of mamas in Canada, and the fabric is so incredibly soft. I love that the interior is a velour so it is absorbent and just so so soft against that sweet baby skin. These are not waterproof, so if you have a heavy wetter I would definitely recommend a wool cover. We also use one during nap time! We have a couple of the one size diapers that we used when Isaac was younger and decided on the toddler size for our recent purchase so we’d be able to use them longer! These aren’t that much more expensive than the other options listed below, and I believe the little extra is definitely worth it! You receive a better quality product and you are supporting a small business and another mama!

    The ladies at Lilly & Frank were generous to offer you a discount on any purchases! Use code ASHLEY10 for 10% off!


A few of the other brands we have tried:

  • Thirsties: These are great for a bigger brand option, and I love that they are made in the USA. The ones we have are the all-in-ones, which are easy to use since the insert is attached. These do have a waterproof cover which is convenient but made of synthetic fibers, and the fabric is not nearly as soft as the Lily & Frank ones!

  • Nora’s Nursery: These were a gift and while they are super cute, they are sadly made in China which makes me suspect of the fabrics used. We have the pocket diapers, which are easy to use, and the patterns are cute, but they aren’t as great a the Lilly & Frank ones!

  • BumGenius: These are comparable to the Nora’s Nursery ones. We were ablate get these second hand, which is a great option, but still we reach for the Lilly & Frank ones first!

Cloth Diaper Care

We use a plastic bin with a cloth liner for soiled diapers, and I add a few drops of Tea Tree or Purification essential oil directly to the pail to keep it as fresh as possible. A few tips for you!

  • Wash every other day to avoid a stinky diaper pail.

  • Wash in cool water (you can use warm but it will fade the colors of the diapers faster) using a plant-based laundry soap (we use this one).

  • Follow the wash with an extra rinse cycle.

  • Line dry for best results! You can dry on low, but line drying will extend the life of the diapers.

  • For stains we make a simple DIY stain spray or you can use a few sprays of our favorite plant-based cleaner!


Disposable Options

  • Parasol is our go-to for a disposable diaper. You can read about their commitment to quality and sustainability here. I grabbed a small pack on Amazon to test them out and we’ve been pleased! We opt for disposable diapers when we are traveling to make things simpler.

  • Another good option is Earth’s Best diapers. Eco-friendly and effective! We used these for the first couple months to make life a bit easier!

Other Baby Care Items

  • Wipes: we use the Young Living Seedlings wipes because they are safe and fragrance-free (SO important!), and sometimes you need a little something more than water, if you know what I mean! Another great option are the Water Wipes and simple bamboo reusable wipes with cloth diapers.

  • Diaper Cream: We LOVE Seedlings Diaper Rash cream and use it for so many skin issues for both boys! It is a zinc oxide base so really protective for tender skin, and has kept us from ever having diaper rash!

  • Shampoo, Baby Wash, Lotion: We use the entire Seedlings line for baby wash, lotion, massage oil, etc and love it. So gentle on their sweet skin and no harsh chemicals. Unfortunately the Johnson & Johnson products have lots of nasty ingredients, so those were never an option for us. Look them up on the Think Dirty app!