Summer Reading List


One habit we have been cultivating over the last year is a true day of rest, and one of my favorite activities during our rest day is reading! I also spend 10-15 minutes before bed reading something positive and uplifting to end the day. It’s been such a great change from looking at my phone before bed. Can you relate?? Here are a few favorites from my summer reading list.

IMG_8987 2.JPG


  • Girl, Stop Apologizing: If you follow along on Instagram you know I’m a big Rachel Hollis fan! I enjoyed Girl, Wash Your Face so much (SO many great truth bombs in there) and am looking forward to diving into this one as well!

  • Treasuring Christ when Your Hands are Full: because lately my hands feel full all.the.time.

  • Teaching from Rest: While this is a book on homeschooling, there are some good life truths inside! I’m only a few pages in and feel like I can take the principles and apply them to life - living from rest, parenting from rest.

  • The Road Back to You: I finally took the enneagram test (I love personality tests! 2w3 here) and am looking forward to digging more into the meaning. Personality tests are so insightful for the ways we act in relationships and for understanding the people in our lives, and the enneagram is fascinating!


  • Caraval series: I read Caraval last year on a recommendation from an author friend, and am looking forward to finishing the series with Legendary and Finale! I adore the artistry and imagery in this series.

  • Crooked Kingdom: This sequel to Six of Crows has been on my list for a while. There is so much artistry in these novels - created languages, deep characters, and an amazing plot line!

  • Homebody: Also still making my way through my girl Joanna’s book on home design and decor. This is such an amazing resource to have, and I’m learning that my style is more modern bohemian than modern farmhouse. This book pairs well with my favorite magazine for a slow Sunday afternoon!

What’s on your list? I’d love to hear suggestions!