Organic Mattress Search + Avocado Mattress


After almost of year of debating + researching we finally purchased an organic king mattress. We searched high and low for one that fit our requirements without breaking the bank, and finally decided on an Avocado Mattress. We looked through many of the most popular brands and compared them based on whether or not they were: organic, zero VOC, sustainably sources, chemical-free, made in the USA and affordable. Here are the other brands we researched and how they compared to Avocado. Note: the prices are based on king size mattresses.


Organic: YES                                                                
Zero VOC: YES                                                             
Sustainably sourced: YES                                            
Chemicals: NONE                                                        
Made in USA: YES (handmade to order)                    
Price: $$ (1100)                                                            

Organic cotton: Yes                                                    
Zero VOC: Low VOC                                                    
Sustainably sourced: Yes                                             
Chemicals: No                                                              
Made in USA: Yes                                                         
Price: $$$ (1700)                                                         

My Green Mattress:
Organic cotton: Yes
Zero VOC: Low VOC
Sustainably sourced: Yes
Chemicals: No
Made in USA: Yes
Price: $ (1200+)

Organic cotton: N/A
Zero VOC: Yes
Sustainably sourced: ?
Chemicals: No
Made in USA: Yes
Price:  $$$$ (3799+)


We obviously chose Avocado and are over the moon happy with our mattress! It is comfortable, firm and supportive but soft, safe for our family, and we are supporting a small USA-based business. To say we are happy is an understatement. The edges are supportive, so you don't feel like you are sinking in when you sit on the side of the bed, and I have been sleeping much better than I was on our previous mattress. I don't have to worry about our kids breathing in toxic chemicals from the off-gasing of plastic that occurs in other mattresses. We have enough room for everyone when the littlest sneaks into our bed in the middle of the night. The only problem is that I don't want to get out of bed!


If you follow on Instagram, you've seen that our bedroom is fairly monochromatic but full of pattern and texture. It's my favorite room in the house and one I often visit because it feels so serene. To complete our new bed, I ordered some organic flannel sheets for winter (similar here) + crisp white cotton ones for spring. I went with a black bedskirt to hide the metal frame (and storage underneath!), and we already had a king size comforter (also love this one, this one and the simplicity of this one). I just added a coverlet for more texture and extra warmth and will simply fold the comforter at the food of the bed when the weather warms up again. Add a couple king size pillows for extra coziness, black and white pillow cases (similar here), and an amazing throw (similar here and here) and our bed was complete!

My bedroom has become my oasis, and I truly look forward to climbing into bed at night! 

Other source details:
Black paint: Magnolia for Ace Hardware in Prairie Smoke
Dreamcatcher: Project62 for Target
Comforter: Urban Outfitters (similar linked above) 
Throw blanket: Home Goods (similar linked above)
Macrame curtains: Living Roots Decor
Black dresser: Vintage
Hairpin leg bench: DIY 

Paint it Black (or White)

Ever since we moved into our home over five years ago I've been wanting to pain our oak trim white. It's one of those projects that no one really wants to tackle because it's just so huge, yet it would make such a dramatic difference in the look of our home. Well, a couple weeks ago I finally got my wish! We ended up hiring someone to do the work because #life, and I could not be happier. We also painted the built-in bookshelves in our living room which as really opened up the whole space.

I love the crisp contrast of black and white, and despite how common it's becoming, we love the modern farmhouse feel. Always have, always will! Next on our list for our living space is painting the interior doors (I vote black, my man says white but he will come around!) and the front door (mint green? turquoise?). Then we will tackle the windows. Deciding between painting the slats black or replacing the windows with full-pane. Our last project is wood floors! Here are some of my inspirations (find them all here!):

I love the giant glass door because our living room, dining room and foyer are open but lacking in natural light. However, I am a little concerned about having our front door be completely see-through.... 

The windows are another source of debate... black slats or full pane? We have full pane windows in our master, and they let in so much more light! But again, I love the contrast of the black and white. 

I'll definitely be mixing it up with our front door, and will most likely go with something more green like the top image. The exterior of our door is currently grey, so a little bit of color will help spruce up both the front porch and the entryway which now contains a vintage piano (that will shortly be painted white, ha!). More updates this summer! 

Master Bathroom Inspiration

After an unexpected water issue this past weekend, we have decided to go ahead with updating our master bathroom. Hashtag silver lining! Our home has a great layout but is very dated, so we have quite a bit to accomplish. Our style is modern farmhouse with minimal and natural elements, so we want to keep a minimal color palette, make the space incredibly functional, and also be able to do most of it ourselves. Here are some of our inspirations. 

White subway tile + dark grout + rough hewn flooring + black accents 

White subway tile + dark grout + rough hewn flooring + black accents 

Reclaimed wood + white sinks

Reclaimed wood + white sinks

Window + plants

Window + plants

We have already pulled up the carpet and are planning to start some of the work this weekend! More updates soon! Also, you can find all these images and more inspiration here

Sunroom Inspiration

One of the selling points of our current home was the window-filled sunroom that the original owners added to the house. Two of the walls are comprised entirely of widows, and the third wall opens up into our almost window-less kitchen. We spend so much time in our sunroom during the fall and spring, leaving the windows open and taking as many family naps as possible. Since we have been lucky enough to receive endless hand-me-downs from siblings, the furniture in our sunroom is a bit mismatched. Add in the fact that it doubles as our office, and we have a somewhat strange conglomeration. The vision is a space that can pull double duty to be a light-filled and minimal office space as well as an open room for relaxing and playing. We want to keep our neutral color palate and bring in lots of natural elements, especially some hanging plants. Here are some of my inspirations:

I am on the lookout for the perfect rattan hanging chair. I also really love this DIY for a simple bench that would provide both storage (read: baby paraphernalia) and seating.

When it comes to the desk space, we want something simple with perhaps a pop of color. I am thinking a long white desk with either wooden sawhorse legs or turquoise filing cabinets. We will share a desk, so it will be extra long to account for both our computers and will most likely take up the majority of one wall.

When it comes to plants, I am thinking a vertical garden on part of the wall, but we would do something a bit more simple with lots of ferns and some succulents. 

I've got the spring cleaning and organizing bug. Can you tell? You can find all of these images (and more!) here.


Snippets of Home / Master Bedroom

Like the majority of first-time home owners, we have a laundry list of projects to complete to update our home. Some are large like putting in hardwood floors, and some are small like replacing the mantle, but sometimes it seems so overwhelming. We chose to focus on one room at a time, starting with our master bedroom. 

When we moved in, our bedroom was a yellow-beige color that was complemented by dingy green carpet and orange-stained trim. Oy. We have poured our time and effort into creating a space that we love, and it is honestly my favorite room in our home. We wanted a modern rustic feel that focused on simplicity and natural elements., and it feels so great to have a space that we really enjoy.

We started with pulling up the carpet and installing lovely wooden floors, then painted the walls and trim white, and updated the ceiling fan. We made a bench for the foot of the bed and found art and simple bedding that we love. Our furniture is mostly vintage or handmade, and I honestly love the lack of headboard and bed frame. We added a few plants and leave our simple window shades open the majority of the time since we love the large amount of natural light that pours through. 

The only remaining project for our bedroom is painting the doors, which I want to paint black, so the current project is convincing my sweet husband that it's a good idea. 

More snippets to come! We have some fun projects up our sleeves.

Holiday Hosting

We are hosting Christmas for my husband's family this year -- eek! I am equal parts anxious and excited. I'll be spending Christmas Day morning with my sweet family, then cleaning like a mad woman with my trusty Thieves cleaner and diffusing Christmas Spirit and tangerine the rest of the day. We will keep it simple with white plates and lots of greenery and twinkle lights, and or quaint little tree will be loaded with gifts beneath for our nephews and niece. Can't wait for our house to be filled with all that love!

 Here are some of my favorite ideas for holiday entertaining and general merry-making.

(Everything about this mantle is perfect.)

(Love the simplicity.)

(Antlers + twinkle lights, naturally.)

(More antlers.)

(Simple gift tags or place cards.)

(Paperwhites, neutral linens, wooden chargers, fresh greenery & glowing candles make a perfect tablescape.)

All (and more!) can be found here.

Happy Christmas!