Swim Style: The Mama Edition

Ahhh swimsuit shopping... every woman's favorite thing, right? (Insert monkey covering eyes emoji). Anyone else struggling to find a cute but practical suit that fits well, hides problem areas and highlights the things you love? Just me? I will say though that purchasing a bikini in January to wear in March is definitely great motivation to keep up with my daily workouts.

I had a long list of requirements for my suit. I wanted something flirty but somewhat modest, practical for beaching it with a toddler (read... it stays put), high quality that would withstand years of use, and versatile enough to wear on outdoor adventures. I searched high and low, ordered and returned countless suits until I found one that I love.. actually two! I ended up with a high-waisted halter bikini and a modest top that will function well over the next few years. Since I'm on the shorter side, many of the one pieces just didn't fit my torso, so I settled on mixing and matching two pice options. This will also be good going forward if I need maternity or nursing-friendly tops or bottoms. In hopes that my search will simplify the process for you, here are some of my favorites!

+ Hands down my favorite one-piece wasThe Vanessa by Raising Wild in Coral. SO sad it is out of stock and also love the onyx.
+ I fell for the sweet scallops on this Vanilla Beach coral top (which is much brighter and livlier in person!) and the floral print high waisted bottoms. This set was definitely a keeper! I also love the halter one piece option
+ The Weekender Crop by Albion Fit made the cut. I love the tie back on this one! It would be cute paired with these high waist bottoms from J. Crew, and I plan to wear it with some black bottom from J. Crew that I already have.
+ I love flounce detail and deep coral color of the The Dahlia by Albion Fit, but the torso was too long for my petite frame.
+ The South Beach Pastel Tie Plunge by Asos is simple and chic, plus it's a great pastel color.
+ I love the muted florals of The Asterid High-Waisted Bikini from Anthropologie - also great for a smaller bust!

Ok, your turn. Any favorite brands that I missed? 

Capsule Wardrobe Favorites: Citizen Beach

I've been toying with the idea of a capsule wardrobe for a while now and settled somewhere in the middle with trying to simply create a wardrobe that is functional, stylish but somewhat minimal. One of the things that I've been wanting to add are a couple graphic tees, one short sleeved and one long. I searched for a while and wanted to support a small business, then I stumbled upon Citizen Beach

I snagged this t-shirt and also really love this long-sleeved one. They also have some really cute shirts for little ones! (Images via their website)

Since I hung up my dress pants and blouses for more jeans and tees, I've been searching for something a little unique, and I can't wait to pull these out! I'm thinking distressed skinnies and my favorite pair of fall boots (similar ones here). Or going super casual with dark skinnies and these great boots by Lems! You guys know how much I love my Lems, but I can't decide between the black or the 'timber' green ones. Thoughts?

What are your go-tos for casual fashion? 

Fall + Winter Capsule

I mentioned it before, but one area that I have been working to minimize is my closet. It's easy for me to organize, donate or sell things in other areas of our home, especially furniture, but the closet? That was a different story. So far I've sent two huge bags to ThreadUP and donated quite a bit to a local charity, and now I'm beginning the process of cultivating my wardrobe to be minimal and practical, yet still maintain my sense of style.

one  /  two

I'm allowing myself to purchase a few things for the upcoming season because that's what works for me. And because I have a birthday coming up. Maybe that doesn't work for you, and that's ok! The beauty of this is that you can make your own rules. I will say that shopping within limits of price and time frame has really made me more selective about the money I am spending. And after a certain date, no more shopping until the next season. More details about the 'rules' here. So I've decided on a faux leather jacket (not taking the plunge until I know it is a piece worth investing in), high rise black skinnies, an oversized sweater. Enter a few well placed coupons + birthday prizes and I was able to snag all of these under budget. 

one  /  two

I've also noticed that I am pinning images that I can recreate with the items in my closet or those on my shopping list. Or images with similar color stories or patterns to what I already have. Interesting, right? My fall + winter capsule will be pretty monochromatic with a few well-placed scarves, lots of layers + simple outfits. It feels good to get rid of so much and leave behind only the things that are truly functional and loved. 

Thoughts on Capsule Wardrobing

My husband and I have been talking a lot about what we want our life to look like in five years, and our common theme is simplicity. We want our life to be about the people, the places, the adventures. We still want a small house to call home with nice, but simple things, and only the necessities. Since we aren't moving any time soon, we have started to minimize what we currently have. Whether that means hosting a garage sale to rid our living room of unnecessary side tables or packing up E's baby clothes for consignment, we have been on quite the minimizing streak. 

One place that I knew I wanted to overhaul was my closet. It's no secret that I love the idea of a minimalist wardrobe since this series is one that I read repeatedly, but I was a little torn between minimalism and my love of style. Enter Caroline and the idea of the capsule wardrobing.

For me that means:
+ 40 pieces of clothing, including shoes and my work wardrobe, not including accessories like scarves and hats
+ No shopping until the end of September (I started in August)
+ Purchasing only a few, curated pieces for my winter wardrobe (you can see my inspiration board here, and I'll post my list soon!) ONLY using a set budget
+ Learning to simply use what I have, be creative with what I have, and spend less time, energy and money worrying about clothing all while feeling comfortable and confident in my own skin.

My personal style needs a little love, but I don't want to just buy things at whim. I want a wardrobe that is functional for my lifestyle, comfortable and still stylish and reflective of my personality. So here's to the experiment and the learning experience.

What are your thoughts on capsule wardrobes?

Warby Parker / Luminary Collection

If you read my old blog, Hiking in Stilettos, you will know that we are big fans of Warby Parker. I love their home try on program, and it is the way I found my perfect pair of glasses! Also, for every pair sold, a pair is given to someone in need. Win Win! I've been in the market for a pair of WP sunnies for a while, and I love their newest collection. 

This collection is called the 'Luminary Collection' and is inspired by visionaries, artists, and icons that aren't afraid to be different. I love this! I feel like we all save or pin images of those people - inspiring and inherently confident - with hopes of achieving that ourselves. And not to get too deep in a post about sunnies, but if there is one thing I've learned in the last year of motherhood, it's that you just can't worry about what others think. Isn't that what we are seeking in those pinned images of inspiring and fiercely confident women? Just some food for thought.

Here are a few of my faves for both the guys and gals:
+ For me: the Abbott sunnies in heritage bronze are my favorite, with the Dempsey sunnies in antique gold a close second. 
+ For my man: the Dempsey sunnies in jet silver with the silver Upshaw pair a close second. Either pair would look great on him!

If you are in the market for a new pair of eyeglasses, I love the simple, lightweight look of the Abbot style. As much as I love my Webb frames, I wouldn't mind having a second pair of eyeglasses with wire frames to make a spring and summer look more artistic and free-spirited. 

Check out the collection here!

Wear 01

The last time I can truly remember feeling confident in my wardrobe was over a year and a half ago. It was the summer of 2013, we had just returned from an amazing trip to the country of Panama, and I felt great. Then I became pregnant with Elliot, slowly transitioned to leggings and billowy tops, then pregnancy tanks and long cardigans. After he arrived I lived in sweats, loose tanks and nursing friendly tees with long cardigans. When I returned to work, I was somewhere in between my pregnancy clothes and my pre-pregnancy wardrobe, and now that things are evening out, I am realizing that my style has changed quite a  bit. Instead of sequined tops and mile high stilettos, I am drawn to neturals with interesting details, boots with a masculine twist, and anything with a free-spirited feeling.

Part of it is my inner minimalist, who is in constant turmoil with my inner love of pretty things. I mean, who wouldn't want a wardrobe like this? But I also love this series on building a minimalist wardrobe. I settled somewhere in between, taking some cues from the minimalist and some inspiration from the style icon.  Here are some of my favorite inspiration shots, all found here

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