Organic Mattress Search + Avocado Mattress


After almost of year of debating + researching we finally purchased an organic king mattress. We searched high and low for one that fit our requirements without breaking the bank, and finally decided on an Avocado Mattress. We looked through many of the most popular brands and compared them based on whether or not they were: organic, zero VOC, sustainably sources, chemical-free, made in the USA and affordable. Here are the other brands we researched and how they compared to Avocado. Note: the prices are based on king size mattresses.


Organic: YES                                                                
Zero VOC: YES                                                             
Sustainably sourced: YES                                            
Chemicals: NONE                                                        
Made in USA: YES (handmade to order)                    
Price: $$ (1100)                                                            

Organic cotton: Yes                                                    
Zero VOC: Low VOC                                                    
Sustainably sourced: Yes                                             
Chemicals: No                                                              
Made in USA: Yes                                                         
Price: $$$ (1700)                                                         

My Green Mattress:
Organic cotton: Yes
Zero VOC: Low VOC
Sustainably sourced: Yes
Chemicals: No
Made in USA: Yes
Price: $ (1200+)

Organic cotton: N/A
Zero VOC: Yes
Sustainably sourced: ?
Chemicals: No
Made in USA: Yes
Price:  $$$$ (3799+)


We obviously chose Avocado and are over the moon happy with our mattress! It is comfortable, firm and supportive but soft, safe for our family, and we are supporting a small USA-based business. To say we are happy is an understatement. The edges are supportive, so you don't feel like you are sinking in when you sit on the side of the bed, and I have been sleeping much better than I was on our previous mattress. I don't have to worry about our kids breathing in toxic chemicals from the off-gasing of plastic that occurs in other mattresses. We have enough room for everyone when the littlest sneaks into our bed in the middle of the night. The only problem is that I don't want to get out of bed!


If you follow on Instagram, you've seen that our bedroom is fairly monochromatic but full of pattern and texture. It's my favorite room in the house and one I often visit because it feels so serene. To complete our new bed, I ordered some organic flannel sheets for winter (similar here) + crisp white cotton ones for spring. I went with a black bedskirt to hide the metal frame (and storage underneath!), and we already had a king size comforter (also love this one, this one and the simplicity of this one). I just added a coverlet for more texture and extra warmth and will simply fold the comforter at the food of the bed when the weather warms up again. Add a couple king size pillows for extra coziness, black and white pillow cases (similar here), and an amazing throw (similar here and here) and our bed was complete!

My bedroom has become my oasis, and I truly look forward to climbing into bed at night! 

Other source details:
Black paint: Magnolia for Ace Hardware in Prairie Smoke
Dreamcatcher: Project62 for Target
Comforter: Urban Outfitters (similar linked above) 
Throw blanket: Home Goods (similar linked above)
Macrame curtains: Living Roots Decor
Black dresser: Vintage
Hairpin leg bench: DIY 

Thoughts on Underpinnings

A little while back I posted on Facebook asking for recommendations for under things, ideally organic, sustainably made under things. And the response I got was pretty sad. It seems that most of my lady friends don't actually own undergarments that they love. So I set out on a search of my own. 

One friend recommended Aerie products, another mentioned Patagonia, so I started there. And after a little online digging, I also found PACT Organic, and decided to give their items a try. I judged the items based on fit, style, comfort and perceived longevity, and here are my results.


+ Aerie: While these were hands down the most stylish of underpinnings, I found the fit to be on the small side and felt that they wouldn't hold up well with daily wear. I also prefer organic cotton when it comes to things of the undergarment nature, so I decided that as cute as they are, the Aerie bottoms aren't for me.

+ Patagonia: quality and sustainability boxes were checked for sure, but I didn't love the fit and the appearance they had on the body. I tried this style and this one, and they felt and looked quite a bit like wearing a bathing suit bottom. 

+ PACT Organic: these were the ones I kept! I love the organic cotton, and the fit was pretty spot on, although I plan to go one size up with my next order for a little wiggle room (and babies, let's be honest.) The price was fair ($22 for two pair), and the style was more what I wanted. I ended up ordering boxers for my husband and boxer briefs for my son and was happy with those as well, and I plan to try their camisoles as my Target ones are needing replacement. I love their commitment to sustainability, fair wages and work environments, and pesticide-free organic cotton, especially for items coming so close to sensitive areas of our bodies. We will definitely be adding some PACT items to the holiday stockings this year! 

Screen Shot 2017-11-13 at 11.13.45 AM.png
Screen Shot 2017-11-13 at 11.14.49 AM.png

There are a couple other companies I want to try:
+ Organic Basics: I'm asking Santa for a starter set - organic cotton underpinnings for both top and bottom as well as organic t-shirts to wear under sweaters to extend their life (more on that soon!) 

+ Naja: Seemingly the perfect pairing between pretty + ethical... because every lady needs something a little special, am I right?? Another request for Santa ;) 

Do you have any favorites when it comes to underpinnings? Share them in the comments below!