Friday Favorites: Travel

Tis the season for jet setting, and we are no exception! We are headed out of town in a few weeks on an exciting trip, and I'm in full on planning mode! Here is a peek at some of my favorite things for making the most out of travel. 

For planes and car rides:

+ A really great book (or five!) on my Kindle. I love actual books but the convenience of a Kindle for travel! Currently loving Getting Noticed (love me some LTM!), Soup, and All the Pretty Things
+ Cheeky journal for writing notes, lists, brainstorming ideas, all the #bossbabe things! 
+ Motivation oil for tapping into those feelings of action and accomplishment. I like to apply a few drops behind my ears and inhale while I work! Smells dreamy.
+ Earbuds, natch
+ A great travel scarf for keeping warm on the plane & looking fabulous at the same time!


You know I never leave home without oils ;) 

Stress Away roller because.. #AtlantaAirport. Instant vacation!
Deep Relief roller along the neck and shoulders after lugging around those bags + sitting all day. 
+ Lavender & Northern Lights Black Spruce oils for sleeping in unfamiliar places! Helps wind down & relax.
Lemon vitality for staying hydrated, just add a drop of two to your water! 
Digize Vitality because travel food. I like one drop of Digize with a drop of lemon in a glass of water. 
Thieves hand purifier for clean hands, because #airports ew.  


A few other things:

+ Nena and Co. tassel so I can identify my bag eailsly & backpack tote which is a perfect daily bag and travel companion. Would also make a great diaper bag! I have my eye on a weekender bag as well... in case anyone is searching for a Mother's Day idea. #justsaying
+ A great pair of shades for adding a little sophistication to your look and because you know... sun. 
+ My favorite Tarte lip stain for looking put together even in the coziest travel outfit. Also some other favorites here. 
+ Lavender lip balm for moisturizing under a bold lip color or use alone for a natural look! 

Oh, and four of those oil faves come in the starter kit that I'm always talking about on Instagram! Interested in learning more about oils? Check out the Golden Drop Society website, find me on Instagram or send me an email! 

St. Augustine, Florida

One of the things on our list this summer was a beach trip. It's been four years since we took a family vacation... and four years ago it was just me and the husband. We've been on camping trips and adventures, I've taken a girl's trip to the beach with my mom, sis and her kids, and we went on a family beach trip when E was a few months old, but we haven't taken a trip just us three since before Elliot was born. It was important to us to spend a few days together just us three, enjoying the sand and sun together. So we searched and searched until we found a place in our price range, and you guys it was the perfect place! 

We found the place on VRBO, which we love. It was on the south side of St. Augustine, which was great since it was mostly homes and smaller condos. Our place was on the ground floor with a pool just steps away and the boardwalk just past that! It was the perfect set up for us. We loved the king sized bed (family slumber parties!) and watching cable (ummm Fixer Upper marathon anyone?) during our down time. We spent all our time between the condo, pool and beach, so having a nice, comfortable place was important. Elliot had so much fun playing in the waves, digging in the sand and chasing the birds. Naturally, he loved the pool and wanted to spend most of his time there, ha! 

I was a little bummed that we didn't get to explore the old downtown area, but we will make it back with some family next time so we can sneak away! 

Five Things

This week was a short one, but somehow still managed to be a doozy, so we are looking forward to a little downtime tomorrow. I do believe some cashew flour pancakes are in order. Other than a delicious breakfast, I'm thinking we will spend some time outside, adding a little fall color to our porch and taking multiple family walks, save time for some afternoon yoga, and spend lots of time playing soccer in the backyard with the littlest. That is what weekends are made of, am I right? 

And so, a few of my favorite things for a this FriYAY:

1 - These high riser jeans are on my fall/winter capsule list. My pre-motherhood jeans just aren't as comfortable as they used to be, so I'm thinking going high rise may be the ticket.

2 - My sister shared this article with me, and it is definitely worth the read. It resonates with our current season of life where we are reevaluating and our dreams are evolving.

3 - Call us crazy, but we are considering a last minute trip out west. Not sure if the details will line up, but making the final decision this weekend! 

4 - Here is another good pancake recipe if you like bananas + chocolate!

5 - Last weekend was our anniversary - six years! We had a mini celebration with breakfast out, flowers, and my favorite almond butter. Because sometimes, it is the littlest things that touch you the most.

Young Living Convention Recap

Last weekend I spent about five days in Texas with my oily family for the Young Living annual convention, and it was such a blast! The days were jam packed with so many great speakers, inspiring leaders, fun new products and lots of self-development. I heard more about growing in your faith and personal development that I did about oils. A fact that I think speaks so highly of this company and their commitment to their members and the health and wellness of us all in all areas - physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I also learned so much about the ways in which Young Living gives back to those in need and have since decided to regularly contribute to the Young Living Foundation. The events were a perfect mix of serious, inspiring and fun, and I truly enjoyed just being with my people and meeting new friends. 

<< We kicked off the festivities with an oily cocktail party! Ningxia Red + passion fruit La Croix + grapefruit oil. New favorite! >>

<< My Golden Girls! We got our fancy on for an awards night! >>

<< We got our neon on for a fun run in support of the Young Living Foundation, which is changing live across the planet. I am so honored to be a part of blessing those in need in such big ways. >> 

<< The sessions and workshops were filled with amazing and inspiring speakers including Kyle Maynard, Jon Acuff, and Gary Young himself. Gary talked about the history of the company, showing old photographs from the very first fields he ever planted. To see his dedication, hard work and diligence become his vision was amazing. When I tell you that he built a new distillery in Canada last year, I mean he literally excavated the land, planted the crops, and physically built the distillery himself. What company do you know whose founder is that hands on? It spoke volumes to me. In between the sessions, we mingled, took photos with friends, mentors, and inspiring members and hung out at Club Red - a Ningxia Red bar! My favorite was 'Tingly Lips' which included citrus oils, frankincense and topped with cinnamon bark oil. Now I'll never be able to drink my Ningxia plain again! >>

<< One of the best parts of the trip was meeting and spending time with my people. The amount of love, prayer, encouragement and support from these women (and a few men!) is just overwhelming. The Lord is moving in so many big, amazing ways, and I am so blessed to be doing life with these people! Some of the ladies I was blessed to spend time with include Casey, Kristen, Lesley, Katie, Eryn, Erin, Rebecca, Erin M, and Kristina. >>

I can't wait to go back in June of 2016. Already planning a trip, with my husband along side! 


We spent some time this weekend dreaming about what we want our life to look like four years from now. Most of our goals revolved around paying of student loan debt, retiring by the age of 40 (or earlier!), and traveling anywhere and everywhere with our kiddos in tow. I then found myself pinning lots of images to my inspiration board, dreaming of adventures and longing for the freedom and renewal that I find in the fall season.