Strawberry Einkorn Crumble

We have been following a wheat-free, largely plant-based diet for over ten years now, and anytime we made a treat, it was always gluten-free or paleo. When I heard about Einkorn flour, I was intrigued and decided to give it a try to see if it bothered me the way that traditional flour does. 

Einkorn is the original “staff-of-life” grain, the oldest variety of wheat and dates back to the beginning of time. Even more natural that sprouted grains, Einkorn wheat's natural genetic code and low gluten levels make it naturally compatible with the human body compared to the modern hybrid wheat of today. Modern-day wheat has been modified and hybridized, making it more resilient, but changing the way the wheat fibers grow. These modifications make the wheat stalks harder to break, but that in turn makes it hard to digest and creates inflammation in the digestive system. Einkorn grain is easier to digest, so nutrients are better absorbed.

Turns out that both my husband and I do great with Einkorn flour. No headaches, no bloating, no discomfort that traditional flour typically produces. Plus, it tastes great and is toddler-approved! We love this fresh and easy berry crumble with Einkorn flour. The simple ingredients that fit together perfectly and taste just like summer! Plus, it came together in matter of minutes with the help of a three year old.

Strawberry Einkorn Crumble:
{Recipe adapted from this one by Tastes Lovely.}

Berry Filling Ingredients:
4 cups frozen, organic strawberries or mixed berries, not thawed
1-2 T organic granulated sugar (to taste - we like a slight tartness to ours, so we do 1T)
3 T Young Living Einkorn flour (or GF flour or all-purpose flour)
3 drops Young Living lemon essential oil
A pinch of salt

Oat Crumble Topping:
1 cup gluten-free old fashioned rolled oats
Just under ½ cup organic brown sugar
6 T Young Living Einkorn flour (or GF flour or all-purpose flour)
4 T grass-fed butter, cold, cut into small cubes

+ Preheat your oven to 350. In a medium size bowl, make the berry filling by combining all ingredients and tossing to combine. Set aside.
+ In a separate medium size bowl, make the oat crumble, then use your fingers to pinch the butter and incorporate it into the dry ingredients until evenly combined and crumbly.
+ Pour the berries into a pretty pie dish or a square baking dish, and top with the oat crumble.
+ Bake uncovered until the berry filling is bubbling, and the oat crumble is golden brown, about 1 hour. Let cool for 1 hour before serving.

This would also be lovely with coconut whip on top! Simply refrigerate a can of coconut milk upside down in the refrigerator overnight. Remove, flip right side up, and open. The cream will be on top, so scoop it out and whip it with 1T organic vanilla extract + 1/2-1T organic honey or agave to taste. Whip until it is light and fluffy. And feel free to substitute whatever frozen berries or other fruit you have on hand. This is a perfect, simple but show-stopping dessert for your Easter gatherings, Mother's Day, to take to a summer cookout or just because! 

Summer Watermelon Chiller

One of my favorite ways to mix things up is to add citrus oils to my water, but in the heat of summer, sometimes even that isn't enough. And after a long weekend slashing in the lake and playing in the sun, I wanted something just a little sweet and special. So, inspired by this recipe, we created a simple, but refreshing drink that is perfect for hot summer days. 

Summer Watermelon Cooler:
2 cups seedless watermelon
3-4 drops orange essential oil
Splash of grapefruit La Croix

Blend watermelon until liquid and add essential oil. Blend for about 15 seconds more. Pour into glasses and top with sparkling water. Serve chilled or over ice with a watermelon or peach garnish!

Paleo Peppermint Hot Cocoa

Hot chocolate is one of my absolute favorite indulgences. When I was in college, my sweet mama used to come visit me during finals and sit up with me late into the night as I studied. She would always make us hot cocoa with cheese and crackers as a study snack, and I love those sweet memories. She has always been my biggest supporter.

But this post is about cocoa, so here is our favorite hot cocoa recipe adapted from one of my favorite paleo bloggers, Danielle Walker.

Paleo Peppermint Hot Cocoa:

2 cups unsweetened vanilla almond milk

1/2 can coconut cream*

3 ounces dark chocolate (we used 80%)

2T cocoa powder

2T honey (original recipe calls for 1/4 cup but we didn't want it quite that sweet)

+4 drops Young Living peppermint oil -- you can also just add one drop into the individual cups if someone wants plain cocoa

Place the almond milk and coconut cream in a saucepan and bring to boil. Reduce heat and simmer for 10 minutes, then whisk in the cocoa powder, honey and chocolate. Heat for about 5 minutes, stirring to ensure all the chocolate is melted and the cocoa is thick and creamy. Add peppermint oil to the mixture OR place in mugs and add one drop of peppermint oil directly to the individual mugs. Top with homemade peppermint marshmallows if desired!

Enjoy beside the fire with a cozy blanket and a good book!


To learn more about essential oils or to purchase your own with a 24% discount, click here.

*You can buy coconut cream from Trader Joes or make your own by refrigerating a can of coconut milk upside down overnight. The cream and milk will separate, so when you flip the can over, the cream will be on the top. Scoop it out and save the milk for another recipe (makes a great smoothie addition). Use all the cream for this cocoa recipe.