Back to School with Oils


It’s that time of year when notebooks and backpacks fill up the grocery aisles, supply lists are mailed, and everyone starts thinking about getting back into a routine! Here are a few ways that oils help us during this season!


  • Wellness roller: 10 drops each Thieves, Frankincense, Copaiba. Fill with carrier. Apply along the spine and/or on the bottom of the feet before school and at bedtime daily!

  • Butterflies roller: 10 drops each Valor, Frankincense, Stress Away, Bergamot. Fill with carrier. Apply to wrists, neck and over heart before school and as needed!

  • Focus roller: 10 drops each Vetiver, Cedarwood, Lavender. Fill with carrier. Apply to the back of the neck before school and homework.

  • Mama Fuel roller: 10 drops each Peace & Calming, Joy, Bergamot. Fill with carrier. Apply to wrists, neck, chest as needed!

    Note: Dilute more to your comfort level or for younger children.



  • Thieves hand sanitizer in the backpack or lunchbox for clean hands all day long.

  • Diffuser necklace, bracelet or keychain with our bravery oil, Valor! Peace & Calming is another good option for little ones (or mamas!) with school jitters. You can wear diffuser jewelry or make a keychain with leather, tassels or anything porous and add oils to it!


  • KidScents MightyVites (multivitamin) + MightyPro (pre & probiotic) every morning! A good multivitamin is crucial all year round, and a probiotic is helpful for overall health and wellness - not just belly health!

  • Thieves hand sanitizer in the car immediately after school (in the pick up line!)

  • Removing shoes when we enter the house and changing out of school clothes first thing upon returning home. (Naturally we use the Thieves laundry soap on our clothes!)

  • Daily using our Wellness Roller mentioned above before school and before bed! Sometimes we switch this out with a plain Thieves roller.

  • A mug of warm bone broth and/or routinely cooking foods with bone broth, oregano, thyme and nutrient dense foods.

Here’s to a healthy + happy school year!