I was never one of those women who dreamed of motherhood and having a family. I knew I wanted 1 or 2 little ones, but mostly because I have such a great relationship with my mom and sister. I believed that I'd have a child, go back to work full time and maybe have another. Well, all that changed. When our son Elliot was born I felt the Lord burden my heart with the desire to be at home with him, to be the constant voice in his life. The Lord's provision took over, I found something I was truly passionate about, and I went to work very part time so that I could be at home with my son. Motherhood is one of those beautiful, but messy things that is such a refining process. We are waiting with open arms for the day the Lord decides to bless us with more children. We have much to learn and our story is still unfolding, but we invite you into it with us!