In late 2014 I made a seemingly small decision that ultimately shaped our life from that moment forward.

Through lots of prayer and with the full support of my family, I decided to start a business. I'd finally found something that I was truly passionate about, something I wanted to shout from the rooftops. So I dove in. And it was an uphill battle juggling a new baby, full time job, brutal commute, part time writing and this new venture, but it was worth every single sacrifice. My reason? My family. I was tired of trading my time for a paycheck, knowing that I had no possibility of a raise, but mostly I was tired of watching someone else raise my son. I realized that I wanted to be the consistent voice in his daily life. I never thought I'd want to be at home. I always planned to go right back to work after kids, but something flipped in my heart, and I just wanted to be at home with him. 

But I also needed an outlet. A place to be creative, to share and educate on the things I'd learned, to empower other women to take charge of their health. A year and a half after starting my business, I was able to switch to working very part time outside the home. 

Today the dream of a positive, encouraging community centered around wellness + fun is a wonderful reality, and Golden Drop Society is my life's passion! It is a place where I can blend my clinical training with my passion for living a healthy, balanced life every single day. And I would LOVE to share that with you as well!