The thirty day elimination challenge is one that I fully support and encourage for everyone, regardless of your health goals. It is critical to your health to remove pro-inflammatory foods such as dairy, grains and sugar for a minimum of thirty days.


The reintroduction of foods is vital as well as it allows you to truly see how you respond to them and what foods are triggers for imbalance (i.e., headaches, congestion, bloating and other GI issues). Here are some 30-day meal plans with recipes and shopping lists to get you started on your nutrition journey!

*Note: snacks are included in two of these plans and are only intended for pregnant or nursing mothers. I have completed multiple Whole30s and two of those were when pregnant or nursing. Otherwise snacks are not permitted on a Whole30. Read more about that here. You can find a list of my favorite paleo items from Trader Joe's here and some of my favorite items from Aldi here. Also follow along on Instagram for daily health tips, tricks, and recipes!